Sunday, 11 March 2012


You may already know this due to other blog but i thought i'd let you know anyway even if it is a little late. If you are having problems with viewing people blogs if you follow them through blogger. Then there's another way which is a much more officiant way of seeing update. is the website i use and all you do is copy and paste my URL into the bar at the top of bloglovin website.

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disclaimer: i was not payed to do this post this is just my view and the website i prefer to use.

7 days, 7 photos #2

Monday- painted my nail with NYC 'Midnight Amethyst' and Barry M 'Cyan Blue'.
Tuesday- tried out the Sudocrem skincare (review here)

Wednesday- the Oreo double stuff are the best biscuits in the world!
Thursday- my new Converse came.
Friday- outfit post here
Saturday- cute photo of my dog with a ripped football as a hat.
Sunday- picked up a few things from New Look.

xroseypinkcheeks xo

like we had a clue

top- Forever 21
shorts- Forever 21
converse- Office

This isn't a normal outfit post because i didn't actually have enough time to picture the outfit properly but you can see my new converse which was the main part of the outfit. I just went out with my friend and actually wore this on Friday night. I've been wanting these converse for ages and finally ordered them for a pretty good £44.99. Its got so warm recently meaning the shorts are out and today i even wacked out my very warm out sunglasses.

xroseypinkcheeks xo

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

review: sudocrem

This is more of a beauty tip that a review but i thought i'd do a quick post about it to let you know. Sudocrem is usually used as a nappy rash cream in the big pots that you can purchase at any high street store. Recently I've heard that its good for spots to and as you can see on this tube it says 'skin care cream'. So this tube is especially designed for skin care but as far as i'm aware its just the packaging that's different the product inside is the same its just more hygienic and easy to carry. I apply this every night on my problem areas and within two night of using it my spots had nearly cleared. I don't have a massive problem with spots but if you have a little break out once in a while its good to have to hand. If your yet to find a solution for your spots i would defiantly check it out.

xroseypinkcheeks xo

Sunday, 4 March 2012

well now then mardy bum

denim shirt- Forever 21
jumper- Topshop
shorts- Forever 21

The weather is finally warming up, and its making me so excited for summer. This is what I wore yesterday to just go out with my friends nothing amazing really, all of these are recent purchases and I couldn't wait to wear my shorts but the tights aren't coming off just yet as for my very pale legs :-(

I did throw a jacket on because I thought I'd get a little chilly but I didn't wear it till later on. I wore my slip on boat shoes which are navy and that's it really. I love doing outfit posts and I can't wait till summer to photograph outside!

xroseypinkcheeks xo

review: sleek blush's

left to right 'life's a peach' 'pixie pink'
without flash

with flash

with flash

without flash

Sorry I didn't do my this on time this week but I've had a lot going on and will catch up with them all today. So on to the review, I only have two Sleek blushes and these are the ones that really stood out to me but I will defiantly be purchasing more and you should really check them out. You can purchase them from Superdrug for around £4.29 the colour's I have are 'Pixie Pink' and 'Life's a Peach' if I'm honest I haven't even used the peach one yet and I don't know why. I wasn't sure to use it with the foundation I am using at the moment (review coming soon) the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation as its a glowing bronzy foundation anyway and I didn't think its would really make much differents so I've been wearing the pink colour all the time. As for the actually application, it goes on so well and just glides over your foundation. The colour pay off is amazing and you can really build the colour up or tone it down (like I do for school) I only use a tiny bit so it will probably last me a long time.

xroseypinkcheeks xo

Sunday, 26 February 2012

7 days, 7 photos #1

1. Birthday Cake
Monday- Was my birthday but I didn't get up to much as I had school, after I just went out for a meal with my family and opened my presents (haul here) Thought I'd show you my cake because it was so cute I know its very childish but idc, I love it!

Tuesday- Didn't do anything apart from to go school and to dancing so I thought I'd show you the picture of the pudding I had when I went out for a meal on my birthday. It was a massive bowl the size of my head (from the bottom) it had warm chocolate brownie, berry's, vanilla ice cream, squirty cream, pieces of crunchie then a curly wurly on top! It was so nice but absolutely massive me and my sister shared it but we couldn't finish it all.

3. Extensions Moustache
Wednesday- I wore this outfit to my meal and wore my extensions so though I'd share this funny photo with you!

4. Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation
Thursday- I went out and brought the latest Rimmel foundation in was between this and Boujour Healthy Mix but at a steal price of £5.99 so I snapped it up.

5. Barry M 'Cyan Blue'
Friday- Painted my nails with 'Cyan Blue' this is the first summer colour I've wore in ages.

6. MAC 'Impassioned' and Sleek 'Life's a Peach'
Saturday- Went shopping and picked up a new MAC lipstick :-) and another sleek blush (review coming soon)

7. Forever 21 Scarf
Sunday- Sporting my new Forever 21 scarf that I purchased yesterday.

Sorry the first days were a bit long but its exiting for me to relive my birthday, ehe. Promise next time it will be shorter!

xroseypinkcheeks xo