Sunday, 4 March 2012

well now then mardy bum

denim shirt- Forever 21
jumper- Topshop
shorts- Forever 21

The weather is finally warming up, and its making me so excited for summer. This is what I wore yesterday to just go out with my friends nothing amazing really, all of these are recent purchases and I couldn't wait to wear my shorts but the tights aren't coming off just yet as for my very pale legs :-(

I did throw a jacket on because I thought I'd get a little chilly but I didn't wear it till later on. I wore my slip on boat shoes which are navy and that's it really. I love doing outfit posts and I can't wait till summer to photograph outside!

xroseypinkcheeks xo


  1. Lovely outfit, i love the jumper!


  2. Love your jumper! You're so lucky to have a nice bright room to take photos in during the winter (I have to take mine outside whether it's warm or cold!) x

  3. Nice outfit, I love your denim shirt. :3

  4. I love the jumper/shirt combination. That shirt is lovely, one of the best denim shirts I've seen.

  5. i love your jumper!

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  6. Thats really cute! :)

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  7. Cute look - love the shirt and jumper combo x