Wednesday, 7 March 2012

review: sudocrem

This is more of a beauty tip that a review but i thought i'd do a quick post about it to let you know. Sudocrem is usually used as a nappy rash cream in the big pots that you can purchase at any high street store. Recently I've heard that its good for spots to and as you can see on this tube it says 'skin care cream'. So this tube is especially designed for skin care but as far as i'm aware its just the packaging that's different the product inside is the same its just more hygienic and easy to carry. I apply this every night on my problem areas and within two night of using it my spots had nearly cleared. I don't have a massive problem with spots but if you have a little break out once in a while its good to have to hand. If your yet to find a solution for your spots i would defiantly check it out.

xroseypinkcheeks xo


  1. I've seen people singing the praises of sudocrem but have never tried it myself.... Maybe its about time I did :-)

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  2. Great review!

    Kisses Anne

  3. I used to use this when I was around 14 and completly forgot about it until I saw it in the press after TOWIE endorsed it, I need to get back onto it!