Thursday, 23 February 2012

birthday haul

Sorry i havent done a post in ages but as you can tell by the name of this post it was my birthday and my main present was the Nikon Coolpix L120 and just though i'd share with you a few other bits and bobs. I hope this can keeping you going until i get my blog properly up and running.

xroseypinkcheeks xo
Disclaimer- I know everyone says this but its because its true. In no way is this bragging the sheer point in me posting this is to show you a few things i got so you can maybe as for a review, and they are my favorite posts/videos so i hope you enjoy them too :-)


  1. I adore the denim skirt you got and I really want the dress from River Island! It's so gorgeous xx

  2. the Lipsy body lotions look really cute

  3. Love the boots and the camera (in fact I love all cameras!)
    xo Emilie