Monday, 6 February 2012

7 ways to wear a scarf

1. Loop and through
This first one is really easy and simple to do and the one i wear the most. All you do is loop your scarf in half then pull the other side through.
2. Loose snood 
This one is more of an accessory than for keeping you warm but it can pull an outfit together if you use a nice colourful scarf. So all you do is place the scarf around you neck with both sides hanging down your back then bring the opposite side of the scarf over to the opposite shoulder. Then just pull the neck line down.

3. DIY snood
This is a bit of a cheat if you don't have a snood and will also keep you warm. All you do is tie either ends together in a knot and wrap it over your head twice.
4. Loose
Scarves can also look great just left hanging down like this, its creates a very smart and pulled together look especially a light scarf over a dark coat.
 5. Over the shoulder
This is such a simple but bold statement to wear a scarf like this it looks pulled together and like you've really made an effort even if you haven't!
 6. Twist
This one may take a few times to get the look you desire but the overall effect looks good and will keep you nice and snug on those cold winter nights. Wrap the scarf around the back of you neck and grab both sides and pull close to your right shoulder then twist them together then wrap it around your neck as many times as you like and depending on how long the scarf is. Then tuck it in.

7. Knot 
just had to include this cute
picture of the snowman
i made wearing his scarf.
This is also really simple and looks lovely with silk scarfs with nice patterns which you can't really see the effect of with a white scarf. Just grab both side and tie in a loose knot.

hope your all enjoying the snow (if you live in the UK):--)
xroseypinkcheeks xo


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    1. Some great suggestions!

      Personally I'm happy the snows gone away now, makes the journey to college a whole lot easier!

  3. i looove wearing scarfs
    I do live in UK but in scotland and here all we have is wind and freezing air but no snow :(

  4. Great post, and cool photos, :) I hope you will follow my blog

  5. knew some ways but there were a few that were new to me! lovely post and nice blog :)