Thursday, 16 February 2012

review: lush bath bar 'magic mushroom'

I recently purchases this bath ballistic and was in my last haul here. Even though they are discontinued now and were limited edition valentine's day one (unsure if they will be available next year) It is an average price in the Lush bath bomb range for £2.45.
What Lush have to say:

"Some like to say it with flowers, but if you really want to make an impression on your beloved then you can’t do better than a bunch of mushrooms! Our Magic Mushroom is possibly the cutest bubble bar we've ever made, and he’s back by popular demand for another shot with Cupid’s arrow.
Magic Mushroom’s bright red top is scented with our famous Vanillary fragrance, while his white stem smells of strawberries, making a yummy strawberries and cream combo that’ll give piles of fruity bathtime bubbles."
when i first dropped the 'magic mushroom'
in it just sank to the bottom and sat there.

then it was slowly giving
off an orangy, red colour.

eventually the bath ballistic turned all soft
like play doe but still in the shape of the ' magic mushroom'

so i broke it up in my hands and sprinkled it  in my bath.

I plopped this lovely looking bomb into my bath (sad too see it go really) and was ready watch it fizz away as i expected from a bath bar (as id never tried one before) but it didn't it just sat there at the bottom of the bath which was a bit disappointing because i like my bath bombs to fizz away, even though that is the only real down side. I picked it up and the red part on the actual mushroom was coming off a bright neon colour which was lovely and i really liked! I crushed it in  my hands and it eventually melted away turning my bath this lovely orange colour, the water was so soft and smelt of vanilla and strawberry's i loved the fact it made my whole bathroom smell of it and that the scent stayed on my skin all night. That fact that it didn't fizz made me think that they wouldn't be any bubbles just the colour but as your can see there was quite a few which was really nice and relaxing. Overall i really like this bath bar and it was defiantly worth the money, even though it is not available now i hope it is brought back next valentine! I'm looking forward to trying out more Lush bath ballistics.

Disclaimer- I purchased this product with my own money and was not sponsored in anyway to do this review these are my own thoughts and opinions as always.


  1. it would be so weird sitting in an orange bath really want to try it!!!

  2. thanks for a review , i was wondering how the mushroom looks in the bath :)

  3. I really wanted to try this out but never got a chance to go to my lush store, At least now I can see what it looks like in the bath, I will defiantly get it next year if they bring it back out, Thanks for sharing :)